Admin UI

Bundled as embedded resources in the NuGet packages is an admin UI built using React and Blueprint. It uses the API for all data and requests, so anything that's possible to do in the admin UI is possible to do with the API.

It's configured to be used by default when you enable the API but you must also do this in your Program.cs before calling app.Run();


If you deploy Nexus to multiple environments such as dev/test/stage/prod/etc you can add an environment name that is shown in the UI, as well as add an info notice bar with any message you want. Both of these settings are used in the demo environment described below to see it in action.

builder.Services.AddNexusApi(options =>
    options.EnvironmentName = "Dev";
    options.AdminUI.InfoNotice = "This is a <b>note</b> to anyone using the UI";

Demo environment

There's a demo environment that's deployed to a free tier Azure Web App here:

You can click on any buttons you like, start any job or do anything with the queues to get a feel for what the system does.

Demo environment

Since the demo environment is using a free tier Azure Web App the scheduler is paused when nobody is using the API or admin UI which means that the jobs won't run exactly according to schedule.


See API docs about authentication.