Queue message history

Nexus can keep track of the history of messages with identify. This means that you get a full audit trail of the content of the messages, when they change and what changed on them.

Message history is disabled by default in Nexus since the history can grow a lot which can become costly. You can enable history on all queues where the queue message implements IQueueMessageWithId by configuring it when initializing the queue system:

builder.Services.AddNexus().AddQueues(options =>
    // History will be stored forever on all queues with ids
    options.DefaultHistoryRetention = TimeSpan.MaxValue;

This will set the default retention which can then be overriden per queue using the [Queue] attribute:

[Queue("myqueue", HistoryRetention = "30.00:00:00")]

The above will store the history for that queue for 30 days. The string is a TimeSpan in string format but also supports the special forever value to represent TimeSpan.MaxValue.

Accessing the history

You can access the history in the admin UI when going into a queue and selecting a queue message. The button to show message history will only be visible for queues with identity and where the history retention is not set to TimeSpan.MinValue.

You can also access the message history using the API endpoint GET /api/queues/:queueName/:messageId/history.